standard Bill Schuette Email for Enforcement 12.4

NOTE:  This email was sent to State of Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette following up on several phone calls to his Lansing, MI office.  NO RESPONSE to date August 11, 2016.  NO RESPONSE from any of the public officials who were copied on my March 4, 2014 letter to Bridgeport officials (attached to Police Report), detailing and documenting all the malicious, criminal acts and willful violations of my Constitutional Rights, the Open Meeting Act, Freedom of Information Act, Right to Farm Act, Riparian Law by Democrats and Republicans at every level.

This is what happens when rogue cops and politicians, Democrats and Republicans, are not held accountable for malfeasance and criminal acts committed in office.  Corruption has worsened exponentially without benefit of law enforcement, propagating intolerable human rights abuses like these in Bridgeport and Frankenmuth, MI and the Flint Water Crisis.

Before becoming AG, Michigan’s top law enforcement official, Bill Schuette was Director, Michigan Department of Agriculture when I reported illegal, off label, sprayings of deadly Dow Garlon by MDOA on corn, beans and other crops.  Mr. Schuette did then as he is doing now, outright refusal to uphold law and order and Citizen Rights to equal protection under the law.  ALL the contaminated crops went to market and the illegal sprawings continue in 2016.

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