standard New “Poor Michigan” USA Website and Justice Fund Announced
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Poor Michigan

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New “Poor Michigan” USA Website and Justice Fund Announced

Victims of Political Scandals Urgently Call for Justice and Postponement of 2016 Elections

Michigan USA, November 2, 2016:  Public officials who committed crimes in office, willfully violated their Oaths and Constitutions, participated in un-American activities, well-documented violations of human rights and acts of domestic terrorism against citizens should be jailed TODAY, removed permanently from public office, and purged from ballots BEFORE upcoming US elections can be declared fair, honest and lawful.

This urgent call for arrest and prosecution of morally corrupted cops and officeholders ahead of elections applies not only to Hillary Clinton’s alleged unlawful activities as Secretary of State, but to a range of State and local officials as well.  Americans have been denied fair and lawful elections as the US Justice Department and FBI throughout President Obama’s tenure have shielded from justice corrupted fellow Democratic officeholders entrenched in Federal, State and local governments.  Democrat party operatives in recent years have escalated their unprecedented war of retributions against journalists, whistle blowers and citizens who report extreme lawlessness and State-sponsored corruption. is funded by donations to the newly established Shirley Adams Justice Fund .  The website was created to parody the State’s dubious “Pure Michigan” campaign, let the truth be known about Michigan’s extreme corruption and widespread violations of citizens’ rights, and highlight Michigan officeholders’ crimes that go far beyond protecting corrupted career politicians with impunity.

Poor Michigan will feature Democrats and Republicans responsible for Michigan’s demise (1) unconstitutional Emergency Managers complicit in Flints lead-poisoned drinking water crisis (2) Democrats outrageous crimes against women, shelving over 15,000 untested rape kits during disgraceful tenure of Jennifer Granholm, Michigan’s former Attorney General and Governor, (3) Milton Hall’s cold-blooded murder-by-cop and (4) Mark Adams repeated assaults and ongoing abuses for his good deeds at the hands of rogue cops, law enforcement, prosecutors, and at least 8 hopelessly corrupted State Judges with impunity.  Bridgeport Musings blog documents local political corruption and crimes against Adams. .

Michigan residents remain terrorized, afraid to speak out about criminals in public office or participate in political activities.  Saginaw County Sheriff Federspiel, Prosecutor McColgan and Bridgeport Township Supervisor Tausend who persist in violating Adams human rights, have prospered in office and now guarantee no justice will be forthcoming in Michigan for at least 4 more years as they face no opposition in local general elections.

Also to be highlighted on in coming days before elections are Shirley Adams and Milton Halls wrongful deaths, illegal takings of Mark Adams businesses as one of Americas top scientists is STILL banned from his Saginaw businesses and travel since April 30, 2015.  Michigan Attorney General Schuette, US Attorney Generals Holder and Lynch share culpability after dishonoring their Oaths and abdicating responsibilities as top law enforcement officers.

Mark Adams, Founder of and The Shirley Adams Justice Fund, is calling for the immediate arrest and prosecution of corrupted cops, politicians, judges and attorneys who obstruct justice, protect criminals and escape justice as deficient Michigan laws allow them to “police themselves”.  A wave of police shootings across the USA followed State failures to hold rogue cops accountable.

America’s Local State, and Federal law enforcement, judges, politicians, and military were ALL duly sworn to uphold US Constitutions and Rules of Law.  Fair and free elections remain out of reach so long as widespread and escalating abuses of power perpetrated against Americans on American soil remain commonplace.


New “Poor Michigan” USA Website and Justice Fund Announced